Lizzie Price has over 13 years experience in the entertainment industry. What started out as a hobby to create fun experiences for a few friends in her personal circle quickly became a passion that has sprouted into a career.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio growing up in the city music and acting was a way  to escape everyday hardships.  Lizzie attended Cleveland School of the Arts and majored in Theatre. After graduation she made an easy decision to move to North Carolina and attend a HBCU. Lizzie enrolled at Shaw University although she majored in Special & Early Childhood  Education. She was still very social and participated in Theatre productions, Sorority Pageants,  and took Mass communications courses such as Public speaking. In 2012 after working in the Education field she felt like something was missing. Lizzie started curating weekly Open Mics & showcases in the Raleigh/Durham area. "Bless The Mic" weekly showcase  help her become a familiar supportive face on the NC indie music Circuit. While hosting events Lizzie connected with an inspiring Female Rap Artist, and was blown away by her talent. This was the stepping stone that launched Luxxx Agency Inc. Lizzie's discovered that her charisma, consistency,  ability to research and apply the knowledge of the music business was in fact a skill. Over the years she has built a network of promoters, producers, DJs, Radio stations, managers, lawyers, influencers, Record labels, Media,publications, Distribution companies, entrepreneurs and Artist all over the country. Lizzie P. & The Luxxx Team turns Losses into Wins.

We believe in Hard work over favorites & Branding on your budget. Luxury service for the inspired !  Current Clients include @MadamTrauma @Tabbycatskin @QueensofCarolina919 on IG